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Investment Management

Customized portfolios designed for your specific investment goals.

By merging passive, active and alternative investment strategies, we create portfolios that can take advantage of whatever the market throws at them. We create opportunity for maximum upside potential and minimum downside risk, taking the worry out of investing towards your goals.

All too often, clients come to Next Investments advisors with portfolios that were built over years that consisted of good investments, but the investments were picked one-at-a-time and never managed as a whole. At Next Investments, you receive diversified portfolios comprised of low-cost, passive and active mutual funds and ETFs, individual securities and alternative investments. A cohesive portfolio is just the start to maximizing upside potential and minimizing downside risk.

Each portfolio is designed to achieve your specific investment goal. With a watchful eye on taxes and fees, Next Investments can utilize many different types of asset classes and implement an active monitoring and re-balancing strategy, thus following the most important investment rule, buy low and sell high.

Accredited Investors

Wealth can be created and protected in unique ways with the proper financial resources. Investors who meet the Accredited Investor criteria have access to 3D model portfolios. These portfolios consist of three investment areas:

  1. The Liquidity Portfolio (Public Markets) - Stock and Bond Mutual Funds / ETFs
  2. The Wealth Creation Portfolio (Private Investments) - Private Companies / Real Estate
  3. The Wealth Preservation Portfolio (Principal Preservation) - Individual Bonds /  FDIC and Insured Investments

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