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You Won’t Believe What This Performance Graph Shows!

Just For Fun Insights

Please note, this post is satire. It is NOT about investing or investments and should not be confused with the topic of investing.

Performance Graph

Study the above performance graph carefully.

Can you see a pattern?

Can you see a trend?

Do you know how to achieve such high performance on your own?

I do.

And I can show you how to achieve it!

I’ve been collecting performance information for over 16 years now and have distilled it down to a science. I know what it takes to get great performance. In fact, using the above chart, and others like it, I’ve been able to achieve higher performance than I’ve ever dreamed possible!

And best of all, I’ve never lost money achieving it.

Interested? Read on…

First, some background. I majored in Economics in college. I studied under Professor Rosalind Seneca who attended Oxford High School and later matriculated at Cambridge University in England. I studied Statisticsand Econometrics. I’ve read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and Jude Wanniski’s The Way the World Works. I worked at the American Stock Exchange in New York City and was an advisor to a number of professional athletes in Seattle, WA.

When I first started analysing my performance data, computers were not very powerful. The internet was in its infancy and I had to learn on my own. This time of “reinventing the wheel” gave me a lot of insight into my performance. I made some mistakes. And I achieved some success.

Today, I’ve compiled all of my performance data from those prior years and am now able to see the trends and patterns that have created the best performances. I am now able to replicate great performance without fail. And I can show you how to do the same. I can show you how you may be able to more-than-double your performance, from less that 100 to over 258 as the above chart shows. You will have the opportunity to gain as much as 24.9 in one week!

Of course, it takes time and discipline, and maybe a little bit of luck. But if you follow my advice, you will achieve great performance. Many so-called “experts” want you to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a book to learn their “secret”.  I do not subscribe (No pun intended) to that attitude. I put my money where my mouth is. I eat my own cooking and am willing to share the recipe with you for free.

Here’s how my performance system works.

Before we can analyse performance, we need to accumulate enough data. The graph below shows the previous year’s data. You’ll see multiple “build” phases followed by “recovery” phases. These phases can vary depending on a number of factors. Be careful though, if a build phase happens too quickly, it can lead to a “taper-tantrum”, as shown by the sharp decline on a particularly black Sunday in October.Training load.PNG

Take special note of the April through June timeframe. You’ll notice that the two graphs begin to diverge. This is the “sweet spot” where you can achieve the best performance. Comparing this graph with the performance graph at the top, we see that optimal performance in the light blue area is predicted to occur in early to mid June, coinciding with the green and red lines being farthest apart.

Be careful though, June, July and August are tough months for performance. Many people are away on vacation. The kids are out of school.  It may be difficult to achieve high enough volume to get good performance. That’s why many people refer to this period as the “Summer Swoon”.

You’ll also need to eat right and hydrate. Exercising in the heat can really deplete your electrolytes. You’ll need to make sure you eat enough protein for those long weekend workouts, and balance your diet with enough carbs so you can accelerate when on that group bicycle ride. Remember to dress appropriately for the heat. Always wear a hat and sunglasses and don’t forget the sunscreen!

On your recovery weeks, listen to your coach and take it easy! You can’t keep up the build phase and expect good performance when you are fatigued. Before your big race, be sure to taper so you can be rested and achieve your best athletic performance, as shown in the graph at the top of the page.

What, you thought I was talking about investing? For that, you need to click HERE.

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