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Money Shouldn't Hurt!

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My overriding principle is that, “Money Shouldn’t Hurt”, and if I can help just one person have a better experience with investing, then that makes it all worthwhile. -Tom Wright
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Year-End 2018 Planning Opportunities

A great deal has happened, particularly with respect to income taxes, since autumn last year. Not only did Congress pass a substantial overhaul of income tax but further changes are currently in the works. In addition to some amplification by the IRS of those changes, we also have the annual IRS updates which will affect our planning for 2019. Although we can safely complete our planning for 2018, we will need to be flexible and ready for potential changes to our planning for 2019.

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

There are many approaches to handling debt and that holds true for what is often our largest debt – a residential mortgage on a primary home. Although we usually are not considering paying off a mortgage when we enter into the transaction – after all fifteen or thirty years seems a long way off – that question may arise at some point in the future.

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