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Money Shouldn't Hurt!

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My overriding principle is that, “Money Shouldn’t Hurt”, and if I can help just one person have a better experience with investing, then that makes it all worthwhile. -Tom Wright
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Planning Issues with Timeshares

Everyone likes vacations. Time away from our usual routine, sights and people is important to many and there are probably as many ways to have a vacation as there are people wanting them. One common approach to taking vacations is the purchase of one or more timeshares. Most timeshares allow the purchaser an annual block of time in a residential unit located in some variation of vacation destination such as a resort. There are many large companies selling timeshares in attractive locations (think Marriott, Hyatt, Disney to name but a few) as well as plenty of smaller, lesser known companies offering similar accommodations. Timeshares are a big business.

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The New World Order

So 2016 happened. You may have noticed that I decided to sit out the second half of the year with blog posts and my newsletter, opting instead to send you news article of interest. And boy was the news interesting! Now I’m back. And I’d like to inform you that I’ve joined the New World Order! That’s right, Next Investments LLC has gone solar!

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