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Money Shouldn't Hurt!

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My overriding principle is that, “Money Shouldn’t Hurt”, and if I can help just one person have a better experience with investing, then that makes it all worthwhile. -Tom Wright
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Planning Issues with Timeshares

Everyone likes vacations. Time away from our usual routine, sights and people is important to many and there are probably as many ways to have a vacation as there are people wanting them. One common approach to taking vacations is the purchase of one or more timeshares. Most timeshares allow the purchaser an annual block of time in a residential unit located in some variation of vacation destination such as a resort. There are many large companies selling timeshares in attractive locations (think Marriott, Hyatt, Disney to name but a few) as well as plenty of smaller, lesser known companies offering similar accommodations. Timeshares are a big business.

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Eight Things You Did Not Know about Medicare

Most of us have paid payroll taxes to support the Medicare program and, again, most of us will likely enroll in Medicare when we reach age 65 or perhaps later if we are still employed at that time. As simple as that sounds, Medicare is a very complex and annoyingly inconsistent program which will require some real attention – by you or an adviser or both – to get it working best for you. As you approach age 65 you will be deluged with offers for both Medicare advantage plans and supplemental or Medigap plans from a variety of health insurers and agents. The lucrative nature of this business is made obvious by the sheer volume of mail, calls and advertisements. This underscores the importance of taking your time so that you may make an informed decision.

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Why You Should Probably NOT Cosign on a Loan

One of the questions many clients have for their advisors is how to handle a request that they cosign on a loan or guarantee a lease or other similar transaction. Most often, these questions arise in the context of family relationships where the client is asked for assistance by a younger family member who has more limited resources and experience. In fact, parents often agree to cosign for their children in order to facilitate the purchase of an automobile, rental of an apartment or residence, obtaining a college loan or perhaps even starting a business. These are all normal enterprises and worthy of consideration but parents or other persons asked to act as cosignors or guarantors should think hard and long before making that commitment.

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